2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

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Health and safety

Our priority is to create a safe and friendly work environment. We implement flexible work time schedules, promote active relaxation and healthy lifestyle. We take care of the comfort of our employees introducing various ergonomic solutions in the offices, setting up relaxation zones and creating workspace conducive to integration and creativity.

Corporate wellness in Bank Zachodni WBK

In May 2016, we launched the Health Bank programme based on a holistic approach to health, the aim of which is to promote a healthy lifestyle and the concept of work-life balance. Under the programme, we carry out educational and motivational activities in four thematic areas, support bottom-up initiatives and organise health promotion campaigns together with our partners.

Four pillars of the Health Bank programme:

  • 1. Eat well

    A chat and webinars with dieticians; apples available in all bank’s locations – three distribution campaigns; Healthy Meals Day; MultisportDiet platform for the users of the MultiSport card; publications on the rules of eating healthily; the Bank’s Cookbook co-authored by the employees

  • 2. Be active

    BZ WBK Runners Team (more than 400 members); fitness balls in meeting rooms; the annual trekking event (”Rajd Bankowca”) and tourist offers in MyBenefit plan; promotion of the MultiSport card; a series of articles on the significance of physical exercise called the Health Chain Letter initiated by the Board Members.

  • 3. Take care of your health

    The Health Days organised for the second time in partnership with Medicover in a number of bank’s locations (a possibility to have basic medical check-ups done at work, such as the glucose test, cholesterol level, blood pressure or BMI); relaxation music available on the intranet; a webinar with a gynaecologist for women; MultiSport Logic available to the users of the MultiSport card; articles on the subject of preventive healthcare.

  • 4. Be ergo

    Articles on the importance of ergonomics in the workplace; instructions for exercises to prevent eye strain; video guides on the appropriate posture while sitting at the desk and proper setting up office chairs.

Annual Trekking Event

The Annual Trekking Event ”Rajd Bankowca” is the biggest recreational event for all bank employees organised for 23 years which combines the goals of employee integration with active relaxation. The event offers a wide choice of routes and activities, including cycling, sailing, horseback riding, hiking, skiing, snowboarding and sightseeing. The current and retired employees and their family members can take part in the annual event on preferential terms, thanks to a subsidy from the Company Social Benefits Fund.

Key objectives of the programme

  • promotion of the work-life balance concept
  • integration through sports, tourism and recreation
  • support to active relaxation
  • raising the awareness of valuable natural and landscape features of Poland and neighbouring countries
  • 1,821

    event participants in 2016 (+23% versus 2015)

  • 3

    locations (Białka Tatrzańska, Kołobrzeg and Bieszczady mountains)

  • 86%

    of the participants declared their participation in the event in the following year

  • 94%

    of the participants would recommend the programme to other employees

OHS in Bank Zachodni WBK

  • Setting up the Occupational Health and Safety Committee
  • Establishing a health prevention fund to finance the purchase of ergonomic office equipment
  • Reimbursement of the cost of purchasing eyeglasses by the employees up to PLN 1,200
  • Environmental audits in the bank’s branches
  • First aid training for the employees
  • Revision of the process of periodical OHS training
  • Launching a system of automatic notification of the expiry of the periodical OHS training validity (a significant increase in the number of people who completed the training)
  • Starting the work on a new occupational risk assessment process

Here you will find detailed OHS statistics:

Work-related accidents (incidents) by gender
Female Male
Number of work-related accidents (incidents) 51 12
Number of work-related fatalities 0 0
Number of serious work accidents (incidents) 0 0
Number of light work accidents (incidents) 51 12
Total number of persons injured in accidents 67
(one multi-victim accident)
Rates of injury, occupational diseases, lost days, and absenteeism, and total number of work-related fatal accidents by region and by gender
Female Male Total
Accident incidence rate (IR -calculated as the total number of accident victims/ employment x 1,000) 4.61 1.01 5.62
Total number of lost days due to work accidents (LDR – calculated as the rate of total number of lost days to the planned number of employees’ hours of work in the reporting period * 200,000) 8.63 1.73 6.81
Accident seriousness rate (calculated as a total number of lost days due to accidents/ number of accidents) 13.87 4.58 12.20
Absence rate (AR, calculated as the total number of days of absence from work/ number of days of work in a year 200000) 15,321.06 5,279.66 12,670.25