2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

  • Customer

  • Employee

  • Society

  • Shareholder

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Strategy and financial performance

All decisions and actions made in Bank Zachodni WBK are consistent with our mission, vision and values which we translate into specific actions and performance measures.

Business strategy

Our vision encourages us to:

Mission, vision and values of Bank Zachodni WBK

  • Mission

    To help people and businesses prosper

  • Vision

    To be the best retail and commercial bank and earn the lasting loyalty of people, customers, shareholders and communities.


  • Simple

    A simple bank offers its customers access to convenient services and transparent products, no matter when and how they want to use them. Every day the processes are being improved to make them easier and more understandable to customers and employees.

  • Fair

    The employees of a fair bank treat others the way they would like to be treated themselves. The bank provides investors with an adequate long-term return on investment, while taking care to fulfil its obligations towards local communities.

  • Personal

    A personal bank treats its customers with respect and offers them professional, personalised service which can be trusted. It also supports the employees in the development of their qualifications and fulfilment of their ambitions.

The figure presents a circle diagram with the title ‘Strategic Goals of Bank Zachodni WBK’ in the centre, with six headings extending from the centre, arranged symmetrically like sun rays, reading: New technologies; Best bank in Poland for business customers; Engaging work environment for employees; Multi-channel transformation; Enhancement links with customers based on the improved product portfolio; Long-lasting relationships with retail customers and SMEs "

Financial results

Market shares of Bank Zachodni WBK Group on the Polish Market: Wyjaśnienie przypisu 1

  • 9.8% on the credit market
  • 9.7% on the deposit market

Powrót do przypisu1w tekście Data valid as at the end of December 2016.

Direct economic value generated and distributed, including revenues, operating costs, employee wages and benefits, grants and other community investments, retained earnings and payments to capital providers and to government agencies

2015 (PLN) 2016 (PLN)
Revenues 5,057,728 5,728,009
Operating costs 1,654,137 1,836,861
Employee wages and benefits 1,205,219 1,176,103
Payments to capital providers 1,290,049 535,866
Payments to government 455,940 587,383
Community investments 21,229 14,549
Economic value retained 431,154 1,577,247

Tax liability

Bank Zachodni WBK makes a contribution to the national economy and the wellbeing of the society by paying all taxes due and withholding at source the taxes due to third countries. We meet all corporate government requirements in this respect imposed on us by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority and the Warsaw Stock Exchange. We have also implemented all good practices to prevent and minimise tax and reputational risks.