2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

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We want to create a work environment in which every person has equal opportunities, feels respected and accepted. Respect for diversity is embedded in our internal codes and regulations and, above all, is an integral element of our organisational culture which is founded on the key values: Simple, Personal, Fair.

Women in Bank Zachodni WBK

  • 73%

    of the total workforce (third highest percentage rate in the Polish banking sector)

  • 58%

    of the managerial staff

  • 5%

    higher women-to-men ratio among Material Risk Takers in the organisation

Diversity Charter

On May 24, 2017 we joined the group of signatories of the Diversity Charter, an international initiative supported by the European Commission.

Management of diversity is a very important element of our organisational culture. We want to create a work environment which will facilitate the development of cooperation and innovation and the identification of the employees’ potential. Signing of the Diversity Charter is the crowning moment of our efforts undertaken to date (such as the Barrier-free Service project) and a commitment to engage in new activities enhancing the value of our organisation and its employees.

Dorota Strojkowska

Member of the Management Board of BZ WBK

The principles of respecting diversity and equal opportunities are included in the General Code of Conduct, the Human Rights Policy of Bank Zachodni WBK and in the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy of Bank Zachodni WBK, which sets the following goals to our organisation:

  • to respect diversity i.e. to prevent discrimination because of gender, race, ethnic origin, age or any other characteristic,
  • to promote equal opportunities to all employees and to aim at an equal balance between men and women in all kinds of roles and responsibility areas.

To review more detailed data concerning the employment structure by gender and age groups click on the button below

Employees by age and diversity
Percentage of employees in each category in 2016 versus total workforce
Female Male Total
<30 years 13.4% 5.6% 19%
30-50 years 49.7% 18.4% 68.1%
>50 years 10.5% 2.4% 12.9%
Foreigners 0.08% 0.15% 0.23%
Composition of the Supervisory Board by age category and diversity
% in each category in 2016 Total percentage of the category un SB
Female Male
<30 years 0.0% 0.0% 0.0%
30-50 years 0.0% 0.0% 0.0%
>50 years 20.0% 80.0% 100.0%
Foreigners 0.0% 60.0% 60.0%
Workforce by employee category
Percentage of employees in each category in 2016 versus total workforce
Female Male Overall percentage of the category vs. total workforce
Senior management 0.8% 1.2% 2%
Middle management 8.6% 5.5% 14%
Other employees 64.3% 19.7% 84%

We have good results!

In the Employee Engagement Survey carried out in 2016, we observed improvements in the categories related to work ethics, respect in the workplace and diversity.

  • 69%

    of our employees agree that people are treated in a personal and respectful way by the bank (+7% versus 2015)

  • 80%

    of our employees agree that differences between employees regarding their gender, age, nationality, race, religion etc. are accepted and appreciated (+7% versus 2015).

Shared responsibility

The responsibility for creating a work environment free from any mistreatment of or disrespect to employees rests with the managers and is a crucial part of their competence model. We have launched special training courses for managers covering, among other things, the subject of the generation change.

Participation in the training in ethics and diversity is mandatory for all employees. A few years ago, an e-learning programme was launch to assist the employees.

How misconduct is eliminated

Instances of non-conformance with the rules and other concerns can be reported by employees (also anonymously) via a number of available channels:

  • Relationship helpline

  • Ethics helpline

  • Dedicated email address

How we managed diversity and equal opportunities in 2016

Our goals for 2017

Remuneration in Bank Zachodni WBK

The salaries paid to men and women in the same positions are comparable. The provisions of the bank’s Compensation Policy prohibit differentiation of the compensation amount depending on the gender.

The average monthly entry level remuneration accounts for 176% of the statutory minimum wage in Poland.

To review more detailed statistics concerning the employee wages and the diversity indicators of Bank Zachodni WBK click on the button below.

Basic entry-level salary by gender versus the statutory minimum wage
Female Male
Average entry-level monthly salary paid to employees 3,264.23 3,290.96
% of the minimum wage 176% 178%
Remuneration of women to men in Bank Zachodni WBK
Ratio of the basic remuneration of women to men
Warsaw: Senior management 70%
Warsaw: Middle management 82%
Warsaw: Other employees 74%
Agglomerations: Senior management 82%
Agglomerations: Middle management 90%
Agglomerations: Other employees 77%
Large cities: Senior management 91%
Large cities: Middle management 89%
Large cities: Other employees 86%
Rest of the country: Senior management 108%
Rest of the country: Middle management 91%
Rest of the country: Other employees 87%