2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

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Our aim is to build an organisational culture founded on commitment, cooperation and dialogue and supporting bottom-up initiatives. We want to create a work environment in which our employees will be able to develop their skills and competences in the atmosphere of respect. Each of them should take an active part in the changes that take place in the bank.

UN sustainable development goals 2030:

Highlights of 2016

  • Very good results of the Employee Engagement Survey:
    • 50% of the employees in the top performance evaluation category, in line with our strategic objective for 2016
    • 98% of the employees understand the risks they come across in daily work and feel personally responsible for them.
    • 80% of the employees agree that the organisation accepts and respects the employee diversity in terms of gender, age, nationality, ethnic origin and religion (7 percentage points more than in 2015)
  • Implementation of the Respect and Dignity Policy
  • Already 60 ambassadors of our organisational culture
  • The Health Bank – the first comprehensive corporate wellness programme promoting a healthy lifestyle
  • 360 degrees evaluation of all managers
  • Two new talent development programmes for branch staff
  • 120,000 training participants

Since 2015, our organisation has had in place the HR strategy which controls all aspects of our relationships with employees.

  • Employee’s professional lifecycle

    Encompasses all stages of our work, from the recruitment interview, through induction, professional development and promotions, until the decision to leave the bank.

    Our goal is:

    to build the image of the bank as the best employer at all stage of the employee’s professional life, offering development opportunities to managers and specialists and having the best HR processes in place.

  • Organisational effectiveness

    Includes cost effectiveness, but also the mechanisms required to build a highly motivated team of people, acting in line with the bank’s key values: Simple, Personal, Fair.

    Our goal is:

    to implement and maintain a fair compensation system, a reliable employee evaluation system and incentive schemes.

  • Friendly workplace

    Involves promoting the ideas of workplace diversity and the work-life balance, and offering convenient and safe work conditions to all staff members.

    Our goal is:

    to implement appropriate tools and measures, such as flexible work time or non-financial benefits and to promote integration and cooperation.

Awards and recognition

  • Universum Poland Ranking 2016

    5th place in the ranking of banks (6th place in 2015)

  • Antal’s Survey

    4th place in the category ”Most desirable financial sector employer” according to managers and specialists (number one among banks).

  • Sedlak & Sedlak Compensation Report

    The best bank in terms of return on investments in compensation (each invested PLN 1 = PLN 1.76 of the operating profit).

  • Reliable Employer 2016

    The award which recognises the company’s reliability as an employer and non-standard HR solutions. The bank received the Reliable Employer title for the second consecutive year.

  • Top Employer Award

    The award of the Top Employers Institute granted to companies which offer the best work conditions, invest in the development of talents and keep improving their recruitment processes. As many as six banks from our Group received the Top Employer titles on their respective markets (the award was presented at the beginning of 2017). We topped the financial institution category in Poland, United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany. As a result, the Santander Group won the title of Top Employer Europe 2017!

  • Best Benefits Strategy

    At the beginning of 2017, we won the competition awarding the most interesting and effective non-financial benefits strategy. The judging panel appreciated the broad range of additional benefits which we offer to our employees.