2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

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Education and the development of science

One of the foundations of the corporate social responsibility policy of Bank Zachodni WBK is supporting higher education, research and the idea of entrepreneurship.

Santander Universidades

Santander Universidades is a programme launched in Poland in 2011, as part of a global initiative which unites more than 1,100 of universities worldwide. The project is based on the assumption that the collaboration between the business and the academia will have a positive impact on the economy by facilitating the development of new technologies, research programmes and the transfer of know-how to Poland.

Santander Universidades worldwide

  • 20

    years of operation

  • 22


  • 1,182

    cooperation agreements with universities worldwide

  • EUR 157m

    of financial assistance offered to universities worldwide

  • 36,487

    scholarships in 2016

Santander Universidades in Poland

  • 55

    partner universities

  • 2,177


  • 1,168


  • 472

    projects and over 50,000 participants in 2016

Polish universities actively take advantage from the opportunities offered by Santander Universidades. They participate in global programmes of the most prestigious universities in the world, such as the Harvard Law School, Brown University, University of California, the Pennsylvania State University, National University of Singapore, run scholarship Programmes and carry out individual research projects in such areas as entrepreneurship, development of science, new technologies, mobility of students and the faculty staff, promotion of the Spanish culture and language and facilitating networking and knowledge sharing globally.

Five Santander Universidades relationship centres

At the beginning of November last year, Five Relationship Centres were established at selected Polish universities to help us participate directly in the academic life, identify the challenges facing the students and the faculty staff and focus our support most effectively. The centres are located at:

  • Kozminski University in Warsaw
  • Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw
  • Poznań University of Technology
  • Management Faculty of the Łódź University
  • Wrocław University of Technology.

Each centre consists of a relaxation zone for students, a meeting room and service facilities. The academic community has direct access to bank employees who personally engage in the execution and implementation of many initiatives. During the meetings with university authorities and student associations, many interesting ideas come up and turn into valuable projects, e.g. a training course in Excel, a stress management workshop and a range of integration projects, e.g. #SantanderUniCup table football tournament.

Tomasz Mielniczuk

In the coming years, Bank Zachodni WBK will continue to operate the Santander Universidades programme and provide support to the academic community in Poland, in keeping with the four key priorities based on the experience of the Santander Group: Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Digitalisation, Internationalisation and Increased Employability of Graduates. Through such activities, the bank makes a valuable contribution to the continuous growth of important academic centres in Poland.

Alina Adamowicz

Santander Universidades Development Director

For more information about Santander Universidades click HERE. opens in new tab

Cooperation with the innovation incubator

The promotion of modern and innovative business solutions is one of the key areas of our strategy. In 2016, Bank Zachodni WBK, the INFINI Fund and selected Polish universities signed a letter of intent regarding a pilot project to support innovative R&D projects. The programme is addressed to entrepreneurs, scientists and higher education institutions. We want to support the existing and future customers who carry out research and development projects, including those co-funded by the European Union and offer them comprehensive assistance thanks to collaboration with our external partners.

The project partners include: the Military University of Technology in Warsaw, Wrocław University of Technology, Poznań University of Economics and Białystok University of Technology.

How does it work?

An entrepreneur whose research and development project will require elaboration or more extensive analyses will be able to take advantage, on preferential terms, from advisory services provided by the universities or the INFINI Fund, and in the case of the latter, also apply for financial assistance at the early stage of the project. At the time of the technology implementation, the bank will offer financing in the form of a dedicated investment loan or a working capital loan to finance current business needs.

Financial education

In Bank Zachodni WBK, we believe that economic education in schools is an investment in the future and that raising the students’ level of knowledge and competences in the area of economics and finance can be a way to build conscious civic engagement attitudes.


88% of Poles agree that it is important to educate children in the area of finance Explanation of footballe 1 . Unfortunately only one-third do it consciously. Therefore, in 2016 we launched a financial education website called www.finansiaki.pl opens in new tab, which offers support to parents and teachers in the financial education of children aged 3 to 13.

  • For parents

    • Advice on how to talk to children about finance and how to teach them the right attitude to money.
    • Educational stories for younger children.
    • Infographics and animations for older children.
    • Fun section with quizzes and educational games.
  • For teachers

    • Materials for teachers from nursery, primary and secondary schools.
    • 17 scripts for lessons on spending and saving money, banking and entrepreneurship.
    • Reviewed and approved by methodologists as consistent with the curriculum of primary and secondary schools.

Finansiaki.pl is the only Polish financial education website addressed to parents and teachers of children from the age of three.

dr Agata Trzcińska

Financial education should ideally began as early as at the age of three. Communicating the basic ideas to children in a simple way is a great challenge, that’s why any support for parents and teachers is priceless. There were very few teaching aids available in the past. The website Finansiaki.pl fills the gap perfectly and gives a chance to children of any age to get an insight into the world of finance.”

Agata Trzcińska, Ph.D.

A psychologist from the Psychology Department of the Warsaw University and expert in financial education

Return to the footnote 1 in the text Source: A survey ”Generations on Finance” carried out by 4P Research Mix at the request of Bank Zachodni WBK with the participation of 1,028 Poles aged 16-70 using the computer-assisted web interviews (CAWI) method, October 2016.

BAKCYL – Bankers for Young People’s Financial Education

In 2016, the BZ WBK Foundation entered into cooperation with the Warsaw Banking Institute and joined the project BAKCYL - Bankers for Young People’s Education. This countrywide project aims at increasing the financial knowledge of junior high school students. BAKCYL volunteers who are employees of the participating banks visit schools and run classes in four subjects:

  • Your money
  • Be a wise borrower
  • Clever investment
  • Lifelong financing.

The cycle of four lessons is a compendium of knowledge on finance for young people just beginning their adult life.

In 2016, 17 volunteers from Bank Zachodni WBK delivered 41 classes on the subject of clever and responsible finance management. Our volunteers received an award from the Warsaw Banking Institute for their exceptional activity.

The Way You Drive

Responsible Drivers

Proper driving behaviour is one of important aspects of being a responsible citizen. The Way You Drive Project highlights a major social issue which is dangerous driving and drivers’ rage. The tag line of the campaign is ”Be a role model to others, observe traffic rules and get home safely”. Its main goal is to increase the knowledge of traffic regulations and promote responsible attitudes and behaviours, especially among young drivers. Together with Kuba Germaziak, the project ambassador, we promote:

  • good driving etiquette
  • correct driving through roundabouts
  • the idea of giving first aid.

Our online activities include simple but engaging applications and short video guidelines involving Kuba Giermaziak.

The Way You Drive in numbers

  • over 54,000

    fans on FB

  • 1.4 million

    engaged users

  • over 18 million

    FB interactions

  • more than 1 million

    post clicks on FB

  • 21 million

    viewings (FB reach)

  • 16 million

    viewings (FB posts reach)

  • More than 1 million

    viewings of videos with Kuba Giermaziak, the project ambassador


    29 comments and 22 shares on average

The Way You Drive campaign can be followed on Facebook opens in new tab i YouTube opens in new tab and on the website. opens in new tab

We educate drivers!

Opis obrazka poniżej

The picture shows Kuba Giermaziak, the ambassador of The Way You Drive Campaign, smiling and holding his thumb up. He is wearing a white shirt with the logo of Bank Zachodni WBK. Next to him, there is a map of Poland in green with 5 cities marked red: Malbork, Poznań, Warszawa, Łódź and Będzin.

Around the Roundabout – in almost every Polish city there is at least one roundabout which is a nightmare for drivers. Out of more than 2,000 proposals submitted by fans, we selected 10 most difficult roundabouts in Poland. Kuba Giermaziak selected five of them – in Poznań, Malbork, Będzin Warsaw and Łódź - visited the locations with a film crew and demonstrated how to drive through the roundabouts safely. The last stage of the campaign involved the development of an online game in which the players have to drive through all the roundabouts observing all traffic rules. As many as 30,000 of Internet users accepted the challenge. To watch the videos click HERE. opens in new tab

Save a Life in Four Minutes – experts agree that the first four minutes after an accident are critical for the survival of the accident victims. As part of The Way You Drive project we developed an online game in which the player learns the basic passenger safety rules and goes through a simulation of all first aid stages required in the case of a road accident. Fifteen thousand people have played the game to date. To try out the game click HERE. opens in new tab

Opis obrazka poniżej

The picture shows our online game designed as part of the Way You Drive project. It shows the brief guide to first aid and a description why the first four minutes after the accident are critical for the survival of the victims.

Opis obrazka poniżej

The picture next to the description of the driver’s toolkit shows a screen from the jakjezdzisz.pl website with two icons: the first one represents the guide to first aid and the other the traffic fines schedule. When you click on the icon, you can download the respective files.

Driver’s Toolkit contains the basic set of document templates useful for drivers in almost any situation – from the car purchase or sale agreement to car garage rental agreement. Additionally, the toolkit includes a brief first aid guide written in a simple and comprehensible language and information about traffic fines and penalties. The documents are available HERE. opens in new tab The documents have already been downloaded 8,000 times.