2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

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Security of services and customer data

Being a financial institution which manages customers’ money, we have to maintain the highest security standards. Our priorities in this area are: to maintain the highest CyberSecurity standards, to monitor threats on a 24/7 basis and react instantly to any threats, to implement most advanced and effective technological solutions ensuring the safety of our systems, to cooperate actively with financial institutions and the Polish crime enforcement authorities

Our security policy

The principles of security management are laid down in the Information Security Manual and the related procedures. The documents are regularly updated based on the current situation and the security guidelines and instructions issued by the regulators and the Santander Group.

Our activities in the area of security:

  • Consultations held as part of the programmes and projects implemented in the bank e.g. related to electronic banking
  • Security audits carried out by third-party companies
  • Informing the employees and the customers about new threats
  • Creating dedicated web pages and issuing messages on the subject of security on the bank’s website
  • Having a process in place to warn the bank’s customers about the most recent dangers on the Internet
  • Implementing special protection measures to secure the workstations of the employees having direct contact with the customers
  • Thanks to our ongoing efforts to increase the security of the banking environment, we have not recorded any serious security incidents affecting our customers.

Example solutions

BZWBK24 mobile

  • Logging on to the iOS system based on the user’s fingerprint (TouchID)
  • Enhanced security level thanks to the use of the most advanced cryptographic protocol TLS 1.2
  • A new tile in the application called ”Secure banking” which redirects the user to a webpage dedicated to the service security

BZWBK24 internet

  • Enhanced security level thanks to the use of the most advanced cryptographic protocol TLS 1.2
  • A dedicated customer service zone

Innovative voice biometrics

More than 22,400 of our customers are active users of voice biometric solutions. Our customers often contact the bank by telephone, therefore we also focus on improving the performance of this communication channel. The voice biometrics implemented at the end of 2015 is an innovative mechanism based on the unique parameters of human voice which ensures very quick and effective identification of customers.

Customer education

The ultimate goal of Bank Zachodni WBK is to build valuable, long lasting relationships with customers by providing secure and advanced online and mobile banking and payment solutions. We also want to educate our customers and tell them how to use these solutions.

Our activities

  • We have implemented the Policy of Educating Customers in the Safe Use of Online and Mobile Banking and Payments. Its aim is to raise our employees’ and customers’ awareness of the need to follow the security rules and report all instances of fraud.

  • We use the inboxes on our online banking platform to send customers information about the safe use of our services.

  • We provide up-to-date information about major risks related to using online and mobile banking (e.g. warnings about new types of attacks and advice on how to protect against the risks).

  • We update on an ongoing basis the information published at www.bzwbk.pl, link otwiera się w nowym oknie about the security of online and mobile banking operations and payments.

  • We post urgent messages on the login page of our online system and publish security information via the mobile banking applications.

  • We produce information materials (brochures, leaflets) about the rules of safe banking on the Internet and make them available at our branches.

  • We carry out local projects aimed at raising the level of the security awareness e.g. meetings with seniors and school lessons.

  • We educate the employees of our bank in the basic principles of secure online and mobile banking.

We instruct our customers on how to use online and mobile banking solutions without compromising their security:

  • Protection of passwords, SMS codes, tokens, personal data and other confidential information against unauthorised third-party access.

  • Taking care of the safety of personal devices (e.g. computers) by installing and regularly updating Internet security software (including antivirus software) and using applications from official and trusted sources.

  • Analysing the threats and risks related to downloading unproven software from the Internet.

  • Using the trusted and proven websites operated by the bank.

The number of breaches of customer privacy and losses of customer data
Total number of substantiated complaints regarding breaches of customer privacy and losses of customer data, including:
Number of complaints Complaint description
Complaints received from third-parties accepted by the organisation 3 Sending a loan repayment schedule in an unsealed envelope, sending documents to an unauthorised person, reading the customer’s address details out loud at the branch in front of other people
Complaints reported by the regulator accepted by the organisation 1 Sending a loan repayment schedule in an unsealed envelope
Total number of identified instances of customers’ data disclosure, theft or loss 4