2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

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Corporate banking

The Business and Corporate Banking Division is in charge of businesses with an annual turnover above PLN 40 million and credit exposures in excess of PLN 5 million.

Services dedicated to corporate customers

Corporate banking

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    basic segments: corporate customers, large corporations and property finance

  • 12

    Corporate Banking Centres

The offer addressed to corporate customers includes:

  • Financing – working capital loans, investment loans, technology loans, guarantees, multi-currency facilities, FX risk and interest rate risk hedging limits, financing of acquisitions.
  • Transactional banking, settlement and treasury services.
  • Trade finance with a dedicated supported of experts from the Customer Communication Centre.
  • Leasing.
  • Factoring.
  • iBiznes24 electronic banking platforms designed specifically for large enterprises and corporations.
  • Corporate Customer Business Service Centre (comprehensive services for customers of the Business and Corporate Banking Division).
  • Safe and instant customer service by telephone using the voice biometrics and chats with iBiznes24 advisors.
  • A dedicated advisor in the Business Service Centre for each customer. BZ WBK Leasing customers are offered unique products and personalised approach to customers. The terms of agreements are individually negotiated.
Opis obrazka znajduje się poniżej

The infographic illustrates the multi-channel nature of the Business Support Centre and consists of three components: 1. Professional advisory services and non-credit products 2. Cooperation between GBC and 9,000 CORPO customers and 420 business groups 3. Comprehensive electronic banking support. The icons show that in 2015, customer service relied mainly on emails and telephone contacts, in 2016 two more channels were added (online applications and the chat) and in 2017 a video connection was introduced as the fifth form of contact."

In 2016, we focused on:

International contacts and contracts

Export Development Programme

The Export Development Programme (EDP) is a project addressed to companies which want to expand their operations beyond Poland or grow their business on foreign markets. The founder of the EDP is Bank Zachodni WBK and the programme partners include Bisnode, Google, KPMG and Korporacja Ubezpieczeń Kredytów Eksportowych SA.

The project encompasses conferences, seminars, business breakfasts and virtual and real trade missions. During the events, the programme partners share their knowledge and experience with the entrepreneurs, by presenting selected, practical tools and solutions in such areas as foreign trade finance, insurance, analysis of the potential expansion markets, verification of business partners or grant opportunities. The subjects covered are consulted with the entrepreneurs on an ongoing basis to make sure they ideally match the needs and expectations of the programme participants.

In 2016, the Export Development Programme received the LUMINATUS award from Bloomberg Businessweek Poland for the most innovative project implemented on the market.

  • More than 2,670 corporations participated in the four EDP editions held to date.
  • 170 companies initiated direct business contacts with foreign partners during organised trade missions.
  • A network of the EDP ambassadors was set up composed of entrepreneurs who encourage companies from their region to go for international expansion, by presenting their own experience at workshops and business breakfasts.

In 2016, we continued the programme in a revamped formula, offering our customers access to new business partners on many markets where the Santander Group has a very strong foothold.

First trade mission trip to Spain with Polish entrepreneurs

In November 2016, representatives of more than 20 food industry companies – producers of dairy, meat, fish and confectionery products – looking for opportunities to expand their business operations into the Iberian Peninsula – were invited to Madrid for a meeting with retailers from Spain. The mission was co-organised by the Department of Trade and Investment Promotion of the Polish Embassy in Spain.

During the three-day visit filled with presentations and food tasting sessions, the Polish group participants met individually with their Spanish peers from the food industry, including the representatives of the leading retail chains in Spain. The trade mission participants also went on a study tour to Mercamadrid, the biggest commodity exchange in Europe and second largest agricultural and food products exchange in the world.

The Art of Networking

In order to enhance our non-financial proposal for corporate customers, in June 2016, acting jointly with four other Santander Group banks (from Spain, United Kingdom, Chile and Mexico), we launched the Santander Trade Network service, the purpose of which is to support exporters and importers in the international expansion into the markets where the Santander Group is present.

The Santander Trade Network consists of four groups of services , link otwiera się w nowym oknie which the bank can provide to its customers via the extensive network of experts operating locally on the Group’s active markets:

  1. Marketing and communication – market research, communication strategy, marketing action plan, search engine optimisation (SEO)
  2. Networking – organisation of business meetings, presentation of products and services, participation in international trade fairs
  3. Business centres – virtual offices, rental of office space
  4. Other services – tax and legal support, recruitment services

How does it work?

  1. The customer chooses a country and a service he/she is interested in and completes a short questionnaire which will be used by the supplier in the target country to prepare an offer.
  2. The customer receives an initial offer from 3 to 4 suppliers. Earlier, the companies undergo a thorough check, including evidenced experience in the delivery of goods/ services in question and a stable financial situation.
  3. The customer chooses the best offer in terms of expectations and the budget.
  4. Subsequently, the customer may enter into a bilateral agreement and start working with the selected expert. The fee for the service is paid directly to the service provider.

The bank does not charge any fee for the intermediation in the process.

Support to farmers and agribusiness

Having recognised the significance and the growth potential of the agri and food industry, we assigned a priority status to it already in 2014. We want to be the best partner to all participants of this market, including the suppliers of production supplies, manufacturers and processors.

Thanks to the changes implemented in 2016, the bank has a comprehensive proposal for the agri sector combining short-term and long-term financing with flexible, tailor-made solutions.

How do we build our expertise?

EU funding for innovation

We want to support Polish entrepreneurs in taking advantage of the available EU funding to finance innovation.

Three bankers from the Business and Corporate Banking Division of BZ WBK were awarded with the titles of Leaders of the Sale of Guarantees from the Guarantee Fund of the Innovative Economy Operational Programme.

In the interbank competition organised by Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego and the Polish Bank Association, BZ WBK employees occupied all three places on the podium in the category of individual advisors. Additionally, Bank Zachodni WBK received the title of the ”Bank of Leaders” in recognition of the highest value individual guarantees issued.

Grants for your company

On April 4, 2017 Bank Zachodni WBK launched a functionality which helps managers employed by corporations to find the best grant programmes for their companies in the financing perspective 2014-2020. The ‘Grants for your company’ website can be accessed from iBiznes24 electronic banking platform and was founded by the bank in partnership with Crido Taxand, a company specialising in the acquisition of European Funding for companies.

One of the tools available on the website is the Grantmeter, a questionnaire with questions concerning the company’s operations and the planned project. A company which answers the questions will receive information about the EU grant programmes best matching its needs and about the deadlines for filing applications for the grants under the selected programmes. Additionally, the customers will receive summary information about the basic parameters of the programme and about the institution in charge of accepting the applications.