2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

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Global Corporate Banking

The Global Corporate Banking Division provides complex financial services to the largest business customers, including the corporations which are supported by the international structures of the Santander Group. The employees of the Global Corporate Banking division help customers choose the best credit and deposit products and financial instruments and offer current transactional services.

Solutions for our customers

Global Corporate Banking

  • 190 customers

    the largest corporations and capital groups

  • Sectors

    fuel and energy, mining, media and telecommunications, financial services, FMCG, pharmaceutical industry, retail trade, home appliances, chemical industry and other

  • Services

    investments, corporate and transactional banking (including current, medium-term and long-term financing, guarantees, acquisitions and mergers, liquidity management, custodian services), as well as treasury services offered to retail, business and corporate customers. Brokerage services offered by Dom Maklerski BZ WBK.

The employees of the Global Corporate Banking division help customers choose the best credit and deposit products and financial instruments and offer current transactional services.

Santander Global Platform (SGP)

SGP is a global platform which can be used by corporate customers who hold accounts in many countries to access them from a single system. All main markets of the Santander Group are connected to the platform, with the exception of Puerto Rico and the United States. For international clients, this means no need to use a different local electronic banking system in each of the countries. SGP also allows for the downloading and reviewing bank statements from accounts maintained by third-party banks. The only requirement is that the bank must be connected to the SWIFT network.

More than a standard

Global Transactional Banking has offered to its customers a new communication channel called BZ WBK Connect. It is a kind of direct connection between the server supporting the customer’s financial and accounting system and the bank’s server. The platform allows for executing domestic and foreign payments, generating daily account statements and checking the balance of funds deposited on the customer’s accounts. The functional and flexible solution is a response to the expectations of corporate customers who more and more often look for support going beyond the scope of the traditional banking services.

The solution has been implemented in 14 large corporate groups which encompass nearly 100 companies in total.

For non-residents

Since March 2016, retail customers who are not Polish residents can exchange currencies via the e-FX platform accessible from the electronic and mobile banking systems (BZWBK24 and BZWBK24 Mini Firma), without a need to make additional statements of will. In the past, such a solution was not possible due to regulatory reasons.

Who will find e-FX useful

The service might be of interest to foreigners studying at Polish universities which participate in the Santander Univerisdades programme and for a large community of non-residents working in Poland who are, or will be in the future, holders of accounts maintained by Bank Zachodni WBK.

Knowledge sharing

Our experts from the Global Corporate Banking Division share their knowledge and experience while working closely with Polish universities.


The valuation of interest rate derivatives was the subject of a lecture delivered by our expert from the Treasury Services Department to the students of the University of Economics in Cracow. Thanks to the interactive formula of the lecture, a group of ten most active participants was identified and awarded with participation in a one-day securities valuation workshop organised by Thomson Reuters in Warsaw.

We are educating bankers of the future!

The ”Banker of the Future” is a unique project prepared by the Financial Markets Area of the Global Corporate Banking Division, in partnership with the Warsaw School of Economics. As part of the project, a post-graduate course in ”Comprehensive Corporate Finance Management” was launched. The students will receive access to a broad range of expert knowledge, set in the context of the current local and international market reality. The project makes use of the profound knowledge of the experts, from the selling skills needed to sell many financial products, through business financing and risk hedging, to capital investments. All the subjects are driven by the actual needs of the programme participants.

Awards and recognitions

  • BZ WBK climbs up in the ranking of Treasury Securities Dealers

    In the Treasury Securities Dealer 2017 competition which ended in September 2016, Bank Zachodni moved up in the ranking from number seven to number five! Treasury Securities Dealers are intended to facilitate secure financing of the country’s credit needs and to improve the liquidity, transparency and effectiveness of operations on the market of Treasury Securities. Banks with the Treasury Securities Dealer status are the only ones which can buy treasury securities at the auctions organised by the Ministry of Finance.

  • Award-winning brokers

    In 2016, the brokerage account of Bank Zachodni WBK’s Brokerage Office came third in the ranking published by ”Gazeta Finansowa”. One of the brokers employed in the Brokerage Office was also awarded with the title of the Young Star of the Financial Market in a competition organised jointly by “Parkiet” and the Association of Brokers and Dealers.