2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

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Bank for SMEs

We want to be a partner to SME customers, advise them and provide a wide range of non-financial services, such as: assistance in making contacts with potential counterparties and investors, providing important industry information, organising special workshops and training courses.

Our response to the needs of SMEs

  • We provide services to approximately 290,000 SME customers.
  • 11.000 new SMEs became ours customers in 2016.
  • A dedicated Customer Relationship Manager is assigned to every company.
  • SME customers can take advantage of business accounts, payment cards, online and mobile banking platforms, credits and loans, factoring, leasing, support to foreign trade operations (including the trade finance module), term deposits and investments. SME customers are supported on an ongoing basis by the Multichannel Communication Centre, Business Customers Service Centre and BZWBK24 Moja Firma Plus and iBiznes24 Helpdesk.

Our SME Banking Division supports the growth of customers’ business by following the three fundamental principles:

  1. High quality of service, competence of advisors in branches and functionality of remote contact channels
  2. Building customer loyalty and lasting relationships with customers.
  3. Unparalleled, simple product offer complemented by a range of non-financial services.

In accordance with the adopted strategy, we focus on providing a simple offer of banking products and easy access to banking services.

Major developments:

New developments in online, mobile and telephone banking

  • We have launched the iBiznes24 mobile application which can be used to transfer money to the Social Security Fund (ZUS) and the Tax Office.
  • We started offering a wider range of telephone services to our SME customers through the Multichannel Communication Centre (applying for a loan) and Business Customers Service Centre (opening and closing negotiated term deposits, payment cards for SMEs with a higher turnover).
  • All customers who use the BZWBK24 Mini Firma platform have received access to the e-FX currency exchange service without a need to file any additional applications.
  • New home pages were designed for BZWBK24 Mini Firma and BZWBK24 Moja Firma plus. Customers can now manage all important options and functionalities on one screen (e.g. including a graph showing the balance of the funds held and a simplified account history).
  • In 2017 we launched eBOK24 - a website dedicated to leasing customers.

Entrepreneur friendly bank

Bank Zachodni WBK has won the statuette and the title of the Banking Quality Leader 2016 in the 17th ”Entrepreneur Friendly Bank” competition. The judging panel awarded our bank for the outstanding activity in the segment of small and medium-sized enterprises, a comprehensive proposal and high quality of services provided to SMEs.

The ”Entrepreneur Friendly Bank” title is a confirmation of the appropriateness of the strategy adopted by Bank Zachodni WBK in respect of SMEs. In all our activity areas, we are trying to be more than a mere business partner for our customers. This approach stems from our ‘Simple, Personal, Fair” philosophy which underlies all our activities and which served as the foundation for the new SME strategy launched by the bank in the spring.

BZ WBK Leasing was the only leasing company recognised by the Banking Forum 2016 for setting the highest market standards in financing investments. The company was praised specifically for ”implementing new investment financing standards, being fully transparent to customers and outperforming the market growth for four straight years".

We support the entrepreneurship of women

BZ WBK Leasing has prepared a special offer called ”Successful Businesswomen” dedicated to female sole traders who want to finance investments in their existing or new businesses.

The examples of investments which can be financed under the ”Successful Businesswomen” scheme include:

A complementary product offered together with the financing is the Office Assistance insurance for one zloty, which includes a whole range of technical and service assistance and professional legal aid services in the case of such unforeseen events as a fire, flooding, broken window, theft with burglary or failure of the office or IT equipment.

BZ WBK Leasing has launched a special offer for women who are sole traders and who want to finance their investments in the existing and new business called “Successful women in business”.

The employees of BZ WBK Leasing take part in business meetings for female entrepreneurs and present their proposals. The meetings are organised within the framework of Networking Events held in 10 cities of Poland, including Poznań, Warsaw, Cracow and Bydgoszcz. Each meeting is attended by 100 to 150 participants (mainly women). The effectiveness of the networking events held during the meetings is ensured by a specially hired professional networking company.

Knowledge sharing

Entrepreneur’s Academy

As part of the long-term project of Bank Zachodni WBK called the ”Entrepreneur’s Academy”, we carried out last year another cycle of countrywide conferences for small and medium-sized enterprises devoted to such subjects as the foreign trade, doing business on international markets and using new technologies and the Internet in business operations.

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  • The spring round

    ”Global markets widely open to Polish entrepreneurs”

  • The autumn round

    ”Conquer the market with new technologies”

Additionally, we organised a few hundred local workshops and training events (for 5,000 companies in total) adapting the subjects and scope of knowledge to the needs reported by entrepreneurs in the region. The topics tackled during the sessions included the EU funds, export and import regulations, digitalisation and agribusiness.

Business evolutions

The ”Business Evolutions” project is an integral part of the business development strategy in the SME sector.

In September 2016, TVP 1 channel started broadcasting the second series of a TV programme addressed to SMEs called the “Business Evolutions” produced under the patronage of Bank Zachodni WBK. The purpose of the programme is to diagnose the current situation of companies, provide them with valuable advice concerning the management of their business and encourage them to pursue the most promising development directions.

Under the ”Business Evolutions” project we also organise educational meetings for local entrepreneurs – customers of Bank Zachodni WBK. Thanks to the interactive workshop formula, the entrepreneurs are actively engaged in discussions and experience sharing. They also take the opportunity to make new business contacts, exchange good practices, learn how others do it and implement the best solutions in their businesses.

In 2016, we launched the www.firmoweewolucje.bzwbk.pl, link otwiera się w nowym oknie website which gathers all our initiatives and activities related to the support offered to SME customers and information about the relevant products and services proposal.

Access to global knowledge

As a member of the Santander Group we can offer our customers access to vast knowledge about global markets and help them in international expansion. SantanderTrade.com is a platform which contains comprehensive and up-to-date information about trade exchange with 185 countries – the main export and import directions worldwide.


  • More than 25,000 reports describing different industries from the point of view of international trade exchange
  • Importer and exporter databases for selected branches of the economy
  • More than a million bids and tenders from all over the world
  • Up to date information about more than 40,000 trade fairs and exhibitions in various countries of the world
  • Information about foreign trade regulations and rules in various countries, including specific terms and restrictions in force on certain markets or in certain industries which should be taken into account when entering into foreign trade relationships.