2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

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About the report

Our stakeholders expect us to continue publishing CSR reports:

"We should congratulate the bank for their determination. Let the Management Board know that it is worthwhile, that the reports are and will be useful and valuable.” – A participant of the stakeholder panel of Bank Zachodni WBK

Main stages of our reporting process

The Corporate Social Responsibility reports of Bank Zachodni WBK are published annually. The previous report issued in 2016 contained the data for the year 2015. This year’s report covers the period from 1 January 2016 to 31 December 2016.

In order to identify the information which best reflects the crucial aspects of our corporate social responsibility engagement:

The current report does not include any significant changes in the scope of reporting or the applied measurement methods in comparison with the previous report. It describes the activities of Bank Zachodni WBK and their outcomes.

All reported aspects identified as most important in the process of defining the report content have impact both on our organisation and its objectives, and on the external environment.

Material aspects

Reported aspects considered as priorities in 2016:
Responsible selling and prevention of misselling
Ethical marketing communication and accurate and easy to understand information about products and services provided to customers
Customer service quality and customer satisfaction level
Security of the services, transactions and customer data
Diversity and equal opportunities in the workplace, including equal remuneration of men and women
The role of values and ethics in the organisational culture, including building responsible employee attitudes
Conformance with the regulations in force
Mobile and online banking and the approach to direct contact with customers (branch network)
Portfolio of products, including new products and innovations
Bank strategy and development directions

Other aspects:


Every year, many people are engaged in the work on our corporate social responsibility report and we take the opportunity to thank them and recognise their effort. Thanks to their active participation we can call our publication a truly social report.

Special thanks go to our external stakeholders who devoted their time to evaluate our last year’s report and suggested the topics which we should address.

We are grateful to all those who completed the online questionnaires and wrote about their expectations, both our staff members and external stakeholders.

This year, we also need to express our special thanks for the exceptional commitment to the process of preparing the report to Mr. Marcin Prell, Management Board Member, who represented the bank’s Management Board at meetings with the stakeholders and was actively involved in the drafting of the report.

This report would not have been possible without the input and engagement of the employees of Bank Zachodni WBK. We thank all directors of organisational units who helped us identify the most significant topics from the point of view of our organisation. Our warm thanks go to persons who participated in the consultations of the report content, provided the necessary data required by the Global Reporting Initiative and took part in the independent assurance process, including:

  • Banasiak Beata,
  • Berdych Katarzyna,
  • Błażukiewicz Anna,
  • Borkowska Monika,
  • Broniarz Małgorzata,
  • Ceitel Lidia,
  • Czylkowska Lidia,
  • Dominiczak Katarzyna,
  • Dziewulska-Mucha Aleksandra,
  • Filipowska-Stempin Aneta,
  • Gajewska Joanna,
  • Gierasimowicz Kamil,
  • Glińska-Pytlarz Agnieszka,
  • Hoppel Michał,
  • Ignaczak Ewelina,
  • Jakubowska Maria,
  • Janiak Maria,
  • Kaczmarczyk Agata,
  • Kaczmarowska Olga,
  • Kamińska Justyna,
  • Kaźmierczak Bartosz,
  • Kędzierski Kamil,
  • Konopka Magdalena,
  • Krawczuk Marcin,
  • Krawczyk Elżbieta,
  • Nachyła Agnieszka,
  • Niedziółka Angelika,
  • Okoń Dorota,
  • Osińska Agnieszka,
  • Rzepliński Janusz,
  • Rzymska Ewelina,
  • Sokal Andrzej,
  • Stadler Dorota,
  • Staśczak Dariusz,
  • Słaba Dorota,
  • Szymańska Joanna,
  • Taterka Leszek,
  • Tomaszewska Małgorzata,
  • Walaszczyk-Szymańska Marta,
  • Włodarski Maciej,
  • Wolf Ewa,
  • Woźniczka Małgorzata,
  • Żulewski Jakub.

We also would like to thank all employees of Bank Zachodni WBK who took part in the photo session during which pictures used to illustrate this report were taken. The report you have in front of you is an outcome of our joint effort.

Once again many thanks to all of you.